Watch this baby King Penguin delightfully silly-walk through Basel Zoo

There's almost nothing funnier than penguins waddling, and it's even better when a baby joins the crew. This video of the penguin walk at Basel Zoo in Switzerland is giving me so much joy. The baby King Penguin is especially hilarious—it is HUGE for a baby, and it looks like it's wearing the biggest fluffiest brown coat ever.

Most days when the temperature is below 10 degrees Celcius, the penguins take a stroll around the zoo, which provides the penguins with some exercise and stimulation, and delights zoo visitors who come to watch the silly parade. According to the Basel Zoo website, the walk helps the penguins stay fit, increases their circulation, helps them stay active, and helps strengthen their immune systems. And the walk is entirely voluntary:

The penguins can decide for themselves whether they want to join the walk. Any penguins that wish to take part can happily do so. Even the length and direction of the walk is largely up to the birds. Visitors are asked to keep an appropriate distance away and give the penguins the right of way. A zoo keeper will be happy to answer any questions during a short break en route.

One day I'd absolutely love witnessing this walk in person. In the meantime, I can delight myself with the videos posted online. 

To see more from Zoo Basel, check out their website or YouTube.


in winter the penguins in Basel Zoo always go for a little walk and everyone needs to see this, especially the baby in her s oversized brown coat made me laugh so hard!

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