SNL follows up one of its best sketches ever with "Papyrus 2"

Endless Drive memes aside, Ryan Gosling is one of the most versatile working actors today. Who else could do both Blade Runner and Barbie? Maybe Tom Hardy, but still. A sketch from Gosling's appearance on SNL back in 2017, Papyrus, is regarded as among the show's best for the central performance and its willingness to ask the hard-hitting questions- like "why the hell is a major blockbuster's logo just a default Microsoft Word font?"

Just this past weekend, Gosling returned to SNL, and with that came a followup that explores how the Papyrus Guy – and the graphic designer who drove him to ruin – are doing seven years later. Spoilers: not great.

The digital-only short explores the implications of Avatar 2's logo this time, and even features the return of since-departed SNL alumnus Kyle Mooney (who is right up there with Tim Robinson in the 'Too Good For This Show' club, IMO). It's just as absurd, just as well-acted, and even just as poignant at the end. Just like with Avatar itself, the sequel might be better than the original.

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