Monospace and vectorized versions of the Minecraft pixel font

Monocraft is the pixel font from Minecraft, reset by Idrees Hassan to be monospace "for developers who like Minecraft a bit too much." Miracode is a vectorized version of it—all but unrecognizable, I think, but good for people who "want to be able to read what they type!"

The characters in this font were based around the typeface used in the Minecraft UI, with each glyph updated for better readability and spacing
Each of the 1500+ glyphs included in this font have been carefully redesigned to work in a monospaced font
Thin characters like "i" and "l" have been reworked with tasteful tails and serifs to look better in a monospaced environment
Programming ligatures!
Add some spice to your programming life with all new ligature characters
Arrows now look like arrows and comparison operators are easier to see at a glance

And if you want the original proportional typeface, generally-usable versions include Minecraftia and Mojangles.

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