This fuzzy dream pop version of Blondie's "Dreaming" is my new favorite cover

This version of Blondie's 1979 hit song, "Dreaming," by indie rock band Say Sue Me, from Busan, South Korea, is—don't mind the pun, please—absolutely dreamy. They recorded it in 2018 for their EP It's Just a Short Walk! and have also gifted audiences with live dream pop performances over the years.

Here's the original recording, along with some live performances for you to enjoy. I just love it—it's so slow and sludgy. It's perfectly fuzzy and shoe gazey and dream poppy, and absolutely mesmerizing.

I've fallen in love with Say Sue Me – here are a few more terrific performances on KEXP, from December 2019 and Summer 2023 (these don't include their Blondie cover though). Also check out their Bandcamp for more!

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