Pee in cup, get a fine: airline passenger couldn't wait

A 53-year-old traveler on an Air New Zealand flight to Sydney peed in a cup after the flight landed and was slow to deplane. Another passenger heard the telltale basso sloshing sound of him filling his cup, complained to crew, and the man was later fined $600 (~$395 U.S. dollars.)

She said the man was "obviously quite drunk" and spilled urine on a flight attendant as he left the plane, it reported. But the mishap with the attendant wasn't his crime. Australian Federal Police said in a statement that officers removed him from the plane because he had "urinated into a cup while in his seat." Air New Zealand said it does not comment on individual incidents. It said it bans between five and 10 customers each month for disruptive behavior, including intoxication.

Withnail ended up teaching drama down under, how about it.

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