Ted Cruz backs AOC's call for a lifetime ban on lobbying by former Congressjerks

Last year, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez successfully challenged establishment Dem Joe Crowley for his seat in the Bronx; now Crowley works as a lobbyist, skirting the restrictions on lobbying by Congress by styling himself a "strategic consultant." Read the rest

US Senator Michael Bennet is having none of Ted Cruz or this government shutdown

US Senator from the state of Colorado Michael Bennet explains why the government shutdown, President Trump and Ted Cruz are all full of shit. Read the rest

Ted Cruz whines after Trent Reznor dissed him and insists he didn't "drink all of his beer"

After Trent Reznor dissed Ted Cruz at his Nine Inch Nails concert a few days ago, telling his audience that the "pain-in-the-ass" senator "was bugging to get on the guest list, and I told him to fuck off,” the delicate Texas senator went on the defensive.

"To all the gullible reporters who are “reporting” that I asked to be on the guest list at a Nine Inch Nails concert: uh, no, NIN is not my music taste. He was clearly joking. And for the record, I also didn’t “drink all his beer” the last time...but I would have! #FakeNews

When Spin wrote about Reznor's comments yesterday, they had tried to reach out to Cruz for comments, but he ignored them. If Cruz isn't going to take the opportunity to comment on a story about himself, he should stop whining about "fake news" and "gullible" reporters who are reporting with a video to back them up. If Cruz would think for himself rather than parrot Trump all the time, he'd realize that, whether or not what Reznor said was true, reporting on what the rock star said is not fake news. Read the rest

When Ted Cruz asked for free Nine Inch Nails tickets, Trent Reznor told him to fuck off

During a Nine Inch Nails concert in Irving, TX two nights ago, Trent Reznor asked the crowd who voted for Ted Cruz. The room exploded with a resounding chorus of boos. He then told his fans, "He was bugging to get on the guest list, and I told him to fuck off.”

According to Spin, Reznor said it wasn't the first time the "pain-in-the-ass" senator from Texas had asked for free tickets.

“We put him on [the guest list] a few years ago. He drank all the beer and was just a pain in the ass to be around,” Reznor told the crowd, before launching into a performance of “1,000,000” from The Slip.

Here's a reddit video of Reznor at his NIN concert explaining to his audience why he told Cruz to fuck off.

Image: by Mark Benney, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link Read the rest

Cruz fan issues clarification

This week's most widely-lifted viral image is this delight from a car owner whose vanity plate, "Cruz Fan," has evidently led to embarassing misapprehensions in our new golden age of loony conservatives in government. I have no idea who the owner or the photographer were, sadly. I would love to credit both the particle and the observer for generating this tiny quantum of joy. Read the rest

Ted Cruz's Democratic challenger is a small-dollars fundraising monster who won't take PAC money

Rep. Beto O’Rourke [D-El Paso] raised over $2.1 million last quarter for a Senate race against bad person Ted Cruz [R-Satan's Asshole], in the form of 46,574 donations, primarily from in-state donors, with $0 coming from PACs. Read the rest

20 years ago, Ted Cruz published a law paper proving companies could always beat customers with terms of service

You might think that when companies impose crappy, abusive terms of service on their customers that the market could sort it out, by creating competition to see who could offer the best terms and thus win the business of people fed up with bad actors. Read the rest

Web's inventor and MIT prof explain ICANN to Ted Cruz, using small words

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a corporation that manages one of the critical, centralized pieces of the internet's underlying infrastructure, the domain name system's root. Read the rest

The failed presidential campaign of Ted Cruz is like the fight to end slavery, says Heidi Cruz

On a conference call with the Ted Cruz campaign's National Prayer Team, the presidential candidate's wife Heidi Cruz said the fight to get her unelectable husband elected is pretty much exactly like the long and difficult battle to abolish slavery. This makes perfect sense in Ted Cruz World. And that's why he's unfit to govern anything but Ted Cruz World, and not America. Read the rest

Cruz to pick Carly Fiorina as running mate

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, embarking on a new phase of his campaign after it became impossible to beat Donald Trump in the first round of voting at this summer's Republican convention, is to name Carly Fiorina as his running mate. Read the rest

Ted Cruz: 'America has always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat'

Whatever you say, Ted. Read the rest

Ted Cruz wants to radicalize U.S. Muslim neighborhoods by sending police to "patrol and secure" them

In response to the terrorist bombings in Belgium, Ted Cruz said, "We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized." Of course, sending security patrols into Muslim neighborhoods will definitely radicalize them. Then Cruz can call for a massive militarized police force to occupy the radicalized Muslim neighborhoods, making the problem even worse. Then he can boast how he was right all along. Read the rest

18-year-old Ted Cruz wants to "take over the world" and "be in a teen tit film"

"In 1988, high school senior Ted Cruz reflected on his life's ambitions while attending Second Baptist School in Houston, TX. Now, he is a Republican Senator running for the office of the President of the United States of America."

He's on his way to getting everything he asked for!

[via] Read the rest

Ted Cruz is / is not eligible to be president - legal scholars duke it out

Ted Cruz is the Schrödinger's cat of politicians. He is both eligible and not eligible to be president.

There's no argument – Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president because he was born in Canada. That's according to Mary Brigid McManamon, a constitutional law professor at Widener University’s Delaware Law School. She makes her argument in the Opinions section of The Washington Post.

The Constitution provides that “No person except a natural born Citizen . . . shall be eligible to the Office of President.” The concept of “natural born” comes from common law, and it is that law the Supreme Court has said we must turn to for the concept’s definition. On this subject, common law is clear and unambiguous. The 18th-century English jurist William Blackstone, the preeminent authority on it, declared natural-born citizens are “such as are born within the dominions of the crown of England,” while aliens are “such as are born out of it.” The key to this division is the assumption of allegiance to one’s country of birth. The Americans who drafted the Constitution adopted this principle for the United States. James Madison, known as the “father of the Constitution,” stated, “It is an established maxim that birth is a criterion of allegiance. . . . [And] place is the most certain criterion; it is what applies in the United States.”

On the flip side, Jonathan H. Adler, who teaches at the Case Western University School of Law, argues that Cruz is indeed a natural-born citizen, and therefore eligible to be president:

Ted Cruz was born in Canada.

Read the rest

How is this Ted Cruz poster not totally homoerotic and weird for a presidential candidate?

“Blacklisted and Lovin' It.” $50 on the official store.tedcruz.org site. Jezebel has the backstory. Still would not have sex with.

[HT: Christian Nightmares] Read the rest

Survivor bandmembers “gobsmacked” at Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee using 'Eye of the Tiger' at rally

Survivor guitarist and “Eye of the Tiger” co-writer Frankie Sullivan says nobody in their camp granted permission for their 1982 hit song to be featured at a rally for Kim Davis without their permission.

Mystery megadonor for Ted Cruz campaign outed as cellphone exec

Mr. Nash, a former Yeshiva student, who co-founded PCS Wireless in 2001 as a teen, has been outed as one of Ted Cruz's biggest and most publicity-averse donors.

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