Motorized skates from 1962

You've seen motorized skates from 1952. How about motorized skates from 1962? This British Pathé film depicts inventor Tom Hancocks of Buckinghamshire and the wonderful ambulatory menace he created. I had to double check the British Pathé channel link, so completely does it sound like a comedy skit voiced by Matt Berry.

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Tom Hancocks has invented some motorised roller skates – they are MAD! Various shots of Reg zipping along a suburban street with his daughter perched on the back. She is perched somewhat precariously and has an excellent hairdo. Tom is giving her a lift to work. Tom invented the roller skates during the second world war for "foot weary soldiers" – you'll be lucky. When Tom comes to a stop his daughter nearly falls off! Tom lifts one of his skates on to a work bench to do some work on it then we see Tom "skating" off to the petrol station (they run for 160 miles to the gallon). The skates are pretty ridiculous really with a great big engine on the right hand skate – Tom starts it up like a lawn mower. I don't think they will catch on.

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