Reach up to 20 miles per hour on this powerful electric bike, now available for under $700

TL;DR: Snag an e-bike that helps you reach high speeds with ease. Get the BirdBike eBike now for just $699.97 — shipping included.

Biking is't just a way to get from one place to another. Biking is also an environmentally-friendly mode of transport, a great kind of exercise, and an activity that's just plain fun. But while standard bikes are wonderful, electric bikes are even better, allowing you to move faster with less effort.

Electric bikes don't have to be expensive, either. Consider the BirdBike eBike, on sale now. While it usually costs $2,299, the BirdBike is now available for only $699.97, no coupons needed. That includes shipping!

It's not just the low price that makes the BirdBike stand out from the competition. You can reach up to 20 miles per hour while cruising on this bike, thanks to its ultra-powerful 500W motor (which also ensures the ride is as smooth as it is fast). The BirdBike can also take you pretty far before it needs to be recharged — up to 50 miles, in fact. It's great for both short rides and lengthy treks!

Other features we love: an anti-theft alarm to keep your bike safe when you're not using it, a detailed dash display to help you determine your current speed and battery life, and even an e-boost that allows you to enjoy a sudden burst of speed when you touch the throttle on the handlebar (fun and convenient!).

Plus, verified BirdBike owners and critics alike rave over this vehicle: It has a whopping 4.9 stars on TrustPilot, and T3 even complimented it by noting,"the build quality, price, and riding experience are all spot on."

So, upgrade your bicycle and enjoy a completely different riding experience with this top-notch e-bike. Tackle commutes, fun jaunts, and long trips with the BirdBike eBike, on sale now for only $699.97.

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