Save $139 on your laptop's new BFF — a portable dual-screen monitor that makes multitasking a breeze

TL;DR: Multitask like a pro with the Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor for only $199.99 (reg. $339)—the best price on the web.

Do you ever feel like a circus performer with all the tabs you're juggling on your computer? It might be time for a second laptop monitor.

Introducing the DUEX Plus, successfully funded on Kickstarter, and your laptop's new BFF (Best Friend for Functionality). Not only is it essential for workers or students juggling tabs, but it's also a great asset for presenters or gamers. Acting like a laptop screen extender, the sleek 13.3" screen is a multitasker's dream come true

The Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus monitor brings the HD magic with a display so crisp and clear that it turns your laptop into a cinema-quality experience. No more squinting at spreadsheets and emails or blurry video calls from your home office. This monitor also slides seamlessly to either side of your laptop screen like it's doing the electric slide at a party. Need it on the left? Done. Want it on the right? You got it.

And let's talk versatility—DUEX Plus is a plug-and-play genius, compatible with any laptop, Nintendo Switch, or Samsung DeX device. Just plug it in, and voilà—extra screen real estate at your service.

Oh, did we mention the auto-rotation? This screen's got some moves, flipping upside down like it's defying gravity. Plus, with a smooth matte finish and a compact design lighter than a feather boa, you can toss it in any bag or backpack without a hitch.

Upgrade your laptop hustle game with DUEX Plus, which is on sale for a best-of-web price.

Get your Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor now for only $199.99 (reg. $339) and see productivity reach epic levels. 

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