A quick tour of Earth's many gates to Hell

Throughout history, various groups of people and religions have believed different places around the globe to be gateways to the underworld. A fascinating video by Atlas Obscura takes a look at some of these alleged gateways to Hell. 

While some of these places look quite beautiful from photos, I understand why others are thought to be Hell's gates. In the 16th Century, a German scholar named Caspar Peucer warned that the entrance to Hell was inside of Iceland's imposing stratovolcano, Hekla. If anyone back then needed some extra convincing to not to go inside of the volcano, hopefully this did the trick.

From Youtube: "Hades. Naraka. Guinee. Xibalba. Though names may differ from one set of teachings to another, almost every religion on the planet features the concept of an underworld—a place to which the souls of the dead are banished, for penance or punishment. 

There are a plethora of spots around the world that are believed to be gates to the underworld—we took a look at where they are, and the legends behind them. Read more here: https://trib.al/E4IESm4"

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