Man who plays Rock Paper Scissors with his dog for food is met with snaps and snarls (video)

An adorable but fed-up Shit-Tzu pup was in no mood when her human pretended to play Rock Paper Scissors with her for food.

Sitting in front of a plate of turkey, lettuce, and Cheerios, the man is seen pounding a fist into his hand, saying, "Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Oop, go run. You lost." Meanwhile, his pup could be heard growling under her breath, disgusted by this game, before barking and snapping at him to get the heck out of her way. She then vacuums up the food, and every time the man gets near her and tries to resume the game, she hilariously growls and warns him to back off.

The man was spoofing a trend on TikTok, where a couple sets up a meal and then plays the old hand game. Whoever loses has to run about 50 feet away while the other person is wolfing down the food. When the loser returns, they play again, and again, until the food is all eaten up. It doesn't look like a very fun challenge to me — and clearly, this snarling, no-nonsense pup couldn't agree more. (See video below, posted by lilmfcurb.)


Rock Paper Scissors with Bella….. I think I lost

♬ original sound – Lilmfcurb

Maybe this guy would be better off playing this game with a chimp!

Via ParadePets