Defective Boeing flight catches fire, hospitalizing 10 victims on board (video)

After two Boeing whistleblowers mysteriously died within weeks of each other, Boeing planes continue to fall apart. One of the latest Boeing disasters — of at least three this week — happened last night when a Boeing 737 with 85 people on board skidded on a Senegal runway and caught fire before it even took off. (See video and images below, posted by Amadou Barry and Mike Sington.)

"Our plane just caught fire," posted Cheick Siriman Sissoko, a musician from Mali who was on the Air Sénégal flight, which sent at least 10 people to the hospital. According to AP News:

Transport Minister El Malick Ndiaye said the Air Sénégal flight operated by TransAir was headed to Bamako, in neighboring Mali, late Wednesday with 79 passengers, two pilots and four cabin crew.

The airport reopened on Thursday morning after closing overnight.

The injured were being treated at a hospital, while the others were taken to a hotel to rest. Boeing referred a request for comment to the airlines.

Another Boeing plane caused a Turkish airport to divert flights today after a Boeing plane's tire burst upon landing. Earlier in the week, a Boeing FedEx Express plane made an emergency landing in Istanbul when its front landing gear went kaput.

As Boing Boing writer Clive Thompson said way back in 2020 after Boeing decided to put its deadly Max 737 jets back into circulation, "I would rather ride a goddamn burro across the continental United States than get on one of those things."