Let stress melt off your body with this extremely versatile four-head percussion massager

TL;DR: Experience true pain relief on nearly any part of your body, from your neck down to your feet, with this handheld four-head percussion massager now 20% off its regular price, making it just $127.99.

While you could use a trip to the spa, your wallet may be saying otherwise. And even if you do manage to make it to your favorite masseuse every once in a while, there are some times when you need instant tension relief, like after a long day at work or sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

Take tension relief into your own hands with this innovative deep-tissue massager. Unlike other massage wands you may have used in the past, this device boasts four heads, allowing you to hit multiple points at a time, delivering serious pain relief just the way you need. And, luckily for you, this game-changing handheld massager is currently 20% off its regular price, making it just $127.99

What's great about this deep tissue massager is how versatile it is. You can just as easily use it on your feet or calves after a long day of walking as you can on your shoulders after hours of sitting hunched over a computer. That's because it features 12 different intensity levels that you can adjust to appease different muscle groups. In fact, regular use can help increase blood flow, loosen stiff muscles, and promote recovery and flexibility after an injury.

While the percussion massager boasts a powerful 3,300-rpm power motor, it doesn't make a whole lot of noise, allowing you to whip it out just about anywhere. It also has an impressive battery life so you can stay wireless and enjoy long massage sessions without stressing about charging. Plus, thanks to its LED screen, you can easily see how much juice you have left to work with and adjust its intensity levels with the tap of a finger.

Improve flexibility and relieve stiff muscles anywhere on your body with this 4-head percussion massager!

The deep tissue four-head percussion massager comes with 12 adjustable intensity levels and is currently 20% off its regular price at just $127.99 down from $159.

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