Netherlands disqualified from Eurovision song contest after mysterious backstage incident

It's that time of year again, but the Netherlands won't be competing in this year's Eurovision song contest. Its entrant, Joost Klein, was disqualified after a mysterious backstage incident. It's not clear what he did, though "an allegation of intimidation was made to Swedish police by a female member of the production crew" and another source describes "unlawful threats." The Netherlands public broadcaster Avrotros reacted angrily to the allegation, reports the BBC, and there are rumors that it has precipitated a major crisis behind the scenes.

News of his suspension emerged on Friday afternoon, during the first dress rehearsal for Saturday's televised grand final.

Klein's props were being set up on stage inside the Malmö Arena when a production manager indicated they should be removed.

His song was then skipped without explanation, and Israel's entrant Eden Golan, who was next in the running order, took his place.

The assumption was that he must have done something terrible for Eurovision's organizers to kick him out, but the Dutch broadcaster's public outrage at his disqualification looks like like their bluff being called.

This year's Eurovision is already a big shitshow: Israel tried to enter a song titled "October Rain" and things went downhill from there. The latest mini-crisis was Ireland's entrant being ordered not to wear "ceasefire" makeup. I'm just sad Terry Wogan isn't around to narrate whatever cultural bloodbath awaits in the finals tonight.