Man shows puppy how to jump on bed — and after many tries, the pup's first win is caught in adorable video

As someone who doesn't have dogs, I've never thought about the fact that puppies have to learn how to jump onto a bed. But obviously they do. And one golden retriever's first successful jump was caught on video — which was both adorable and amazing.

It was adorable for a couple of reasons: first, a young dog who keeps trying to learn a new skill, almost giving up, then trying again and proudly succeeding is a pure joy to watch. And second, his patient human, who kept demonstrating with great enthusiasm how to jump on the bed — bending and straightening his knees while explaining to his pup that he had to use his hind legs rather than his front legs — was so cute I had to watch the video a couple of times.

But the amazing part was the man's own agility, showing his doggo the ropes by gracefully flying up and landing both feet on the bed at the same time in perfect box jumps. Now that is a great skill, not to mention dedicated pooch parenting. (See video below, posted by unsolicitedtim .)


Caught him jumping on the bed for the first time 🥲🥹 he's growing so fast ❤️ #fyp #dogsoftiktok #goldenretrieverlife #puppy #newskills #puppyprogress #prouddogdad

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Via Newsweek

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