King Charles' new official portrait looks straight out of The Shining: "Demonic"

If you're a Stephen King fan, you'll love King Charles' new official portrait — or "poster for a horror film," as one royal historian called it.

Unveiled yesterday, the oil painting, by artist Jonathan Yeo, screams with reds and more reds that looks straight out of The Shining — if King Charles' body had bobbed to the surface during the bloody elevator scene. (See image below, posted by The Royal Family.)

Needless to say, social media was oozing with all but gushing reactions. "Anybody else find the new portrait of King Charles III incredibly disturbing and off-putting?" asked the folks at

"He looks quite content in the depths of hell," joked another.

Other reactions to the spine-chiller include, "It looks like Dante's Inferno," "Great painting, but has an intensely ominous vibe to it," "That looks terrifying, no offence," and "Satan, is that you?"

And, to sum it all up, "Demonic."