Wes Anderson designed a very expensive fountain pen

The Schreiberling Limited Edition 1969 is a very expensive fountain pen that film director Wes Anderson designed for Montblanc. The project was part of a promotional campaign Anderson and Roman Coppola created for the pen company in celebration of the 100th anniversary of their flagship line. The videos star the likes of Maude Apatow, Rupert Friend, and Jason Schwartzman.

"When I write, I can organize my thoughts," Apatow says. "I find that writing by hand makes it so much easier. I do it every day. When I'm learning lines, I will write everything out over and over again. It's how I memorize them. I take so much more information in when I am writing things down by hand. 

It costs $2,500 for the privilege of writing with the Schreiberling Limited Edition 1969. For comparison, you could purchase 16,666 Bic pens for that same price.