Palestinian women's soccer team plays first ever match in Europe

There's a long history of solidarity between the Irish and the Palestinians, to the point that even NPR has reported on the seemingly-strange connection. But now that bond has taken one big heart-warming step further: Dublin's Bohemian Footclub Club invited the Palestinian women's football team to play in a friendly exhibition match in Dalymount Park. The event—which marked the first time that the Palestine team has played on European soil, and took place on Nakba Day —was also used to raise funds for humanitarian efforts.

Deema Said, the manager for the Palestinian team, told RTÉ:

"As a team manager, it's been crazy to get all the players together. We haven't had the chance to practice all together, all the full 22 members of the team until now, and some of our players have not been able to make it to Ireland as well.

"One of the biggest obstacles we face as Palestinians and Palestinian athletes is freedom of movement within the Palestinian territories. From a football perspective, that does affect the harmony of the team and the level of the team, but at the same time, this is how we live as Palestinians.

The RTÉ piece also goes more in-depth into the difficulties of re-assembling the Palestinian team for the occasion. Many of the players are scattered around the globe, in addition to dealing with other difficult current events. The Irish women's basketball team could not be reached for comment.

The Republic of Ireland has also announced plans later this month to join with several other European countries in formally recognizing the state of Palestine.

Cultural collide as Palestinian women's team take on Bohs in 'historic' friendly [Samantha Libreri / RTÉ]