"Has it been proved that the Earth is round?" asks European government official

"Has it been proved that the Earth is round?" Slovakian government official Lukáš Machala of the country's culture ministry asked a TV reporter. "Have you been into outer space? No, nor have I, I don't know."

The context is that Machala is on the short list to run the state-controlled Slovak Television and Radio, so the reporter questioned him whether flat-Earthers should be given a platform on public broadcasting.

In a later interview with Refresher News, Slovak astronaut Ivan Bella—who has visited space—confirmed that the Earth is indeed round.

Macahal says yes.

From The Spectator:

Machala, a Putin admirer, spread several conspiracy theories in the past. For example, he claimed that "the Illuminati" tried to take over Europe by sending migrants to the continent. Machala, who was previously a member of the right-wing Slovak National Party (SNS) and Republika, another far-right party which broke away from Marian Kotleba's neo-fascist ĽSNS, has also spread hoaxes about the coronavirus and a supposed "Jewish mafia" that wants to take over the world via the wars in Israel and Ukraine, the Pravda daily reports.

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