Take a trip to the Cyril Callister Vegemite Museum

In Beaufort, Australia, you can take a trip to the Cyril Callister Vegemite Museum.

This museum was made to celebrate Vegemite and the life of the mastermind behind the polarizing food spread. 

The museum is filled with donated vegemite memorabilia from people all over the world. It also features art and merchandise created by local college students. The museum examines the history of vegemite and has a pack of vegemite oreos on display. 

From Atlas Obscura:

"OPENED IN MAY 2023 (THE 100th anniversary of the invention of Vegemite), this quirky little museum resides in servo@23, a repurposed '50's petrol station in Beaufort, Victoria. Travelers from Melbourne en route to the Grampians drive right past it. "

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