Taiwanese lawmaker absconds with bill

In an impressive show of legislative hijinks, a member of Taiwan's parliament attempted to block the passage of a bill by grabbing it and running away with it. In this clip, which ends too soon, he makes it out of the door with the purloined documents. My headcanon is that he got flattened by a large dude on the other side of the door.

This capped off a wild day surrounding the passage of Parliamentary reforms backed by opposition parties to the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan's incoming president-elect, Lai Ching-te.

From NDTV:

Even before the votes were cast, some lawmakers screamed and shoved each other outside the legislative chamber. Later, the parliament floor saw chaos as lawmakers turned to the Speaker's seat, jumped onto tables, and pinned down colleagues to the floor. More scuffles followed in the afternoon.

According to the Times of India, at least five lawmakers required treatment for their injuries. However, it is unclear whether the bill in question was ultimately passed.

Fun fact: Taiwan's Parliament, or Legislative Yuan, is housed in a former girls' high school from the Japanese colonial era.

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