Wonderful new Windows feature records everything you ever do on your computer and feeds it to AI

Microsoft would like you to use AI to record everything you ever do on your computer. This is definitely something you personally will benefit from, and will create no potential for privacy failure, present no target for bad actors, and offer no perverse incentives to corporations or government agencies with access to the device or the data you provide it.

Ars Technica: "At first glance, the Recall feature seems like it may set the stage for potential gross violations of user privacy. Despite reassurances from Microsoft, that impression persists for second and third glances as well"

"Recall uses Copilot+ PC advanced processing capabilities to take images of your active screen every few seconds," Microsoft says on its website. "The snapshots are encrypted and saved on your PC's hard drive. You can use Recall to locate the content you have viewed on your PC using search or on a timeline bar that allows you to scroll through your snapshots."

By performing a Recall action, users can access a snapshot from a specific time period, providing context for the event or moment they are searching for. It also allows users to search through teleconference meetings they've participated in and videos watched using an AI-powered feature that transcribes and translates speech.

The gold rush is on, and you are the gravel being panned.

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