Phyllis Diller's garage sale advice video from 1987 is a surprisingly useful guide

Legendary comedian Phyllis Diller shares her secrets for turning trash into cash in this delightful 1987 VHS guide to hosting a successful garage sale. Drawing from years of experience, Diller covers everything from picking the perfect date to pricing your items and advertising your event, all with her trademark wit. "Look at all these customers!" she quips. "I haven't had this many people in my garage since the vice squad raided Fang's going-out-of-marriage party."

According to Diller, the key to a profitable garage sale is organization. She recommends making a checklist that includes tasks like checking for scheduling conflicts, reviewing your insurance coverage, and notifying the neighbors.

Predating Marie Kondo, Diller's motto is "when in doubt, put it out." Even items with sentimental value, like her outfit from her last facelift, are fair game. She suggests cleaning and repairing items to maximize their value, and pricing them at about one-tenth of their original cost. "This dress cost $100 new. I'll price it at $10. Now that's fair, it's a bargain. That's why people come to garage sales!" In my experience, She's much more realistic than most garage sale holders, who charge about three or four times too much for things they don't want to hang onto any longer.

Proper merchandising is also crucial. Diller demonstrates how to create clothing racks and display tables using household items like ladders and butcher paper.

On the big day, Diller advises being firm but friendly with customers. She shares tips for handling hagglers, setting boundaries, and making the checkout process run smoothly. As the sale winds down, she recommends slashing prices to move any remaining merchandise. "Attention, K-Diller shoppers! The sale will be closing in 30 minutes! All items are now one half off the marked price!"

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Via r/ObscureMedia