Donald Trump posts "Trump or Death" flag — and his real threat is just business as usual

Donald Trump, who just posted an image of a "Trump or Death" flag (see below), realized nearly a decade ago that his broken cult members want a strongman to keep America in line.

Even before he became a one-term twice-impeached president, he noticed on the campaign trail that his MAGA mob ate it up every time he let his inner thug shine.

Like the time he was heckled at a 2016 rally and said, "I'd like to punch him in the face, I'll tell ya!" Or the many variations of "I would have been out there fighting, folks. … I would have been boom, boom, boom, beat the –…" Or his more prescient line in 2015: "I don't know if I'll do the fighting, or if other people will." [Answer: thousands of other people who, as Meidas Touch Network points out, had the Trump or Death mindset on Jan. 6.]

And as the years have gone by, Trump has been slowly but strategically ratcheting up the violent rhetoric, so that now, when he posts a "Trump or Death" flag, the numbed public does not even flinch. Aw, it's just "Trump being Trump," they say. And yeah, that's the problem, and not just for his Democratic opponents. (See his post below, reposted by Patriot Takes.)