Sean Hannity accuses Biden of taking, er, caffeine — and for that, he should be drug-tested (video)

Ahead of next week's presidential debate, Sean Hannity accused President Biden of taking "drugs" — as in caffeine. Yes, you heard that right. Hannity suspects Biden is on caffeine, and for that serious offense, the Fox host told Lara Trump that Biden should be drug tested.

"The Joe Biden we're talking about tonight I don't think will be the Joe Biden we're going to see on debate night. I think the Joe Biden we see on debate night is going to be the guy we saw at the State of the Union," Hannity said, referring to Biden's sharp and feisty speech he gave in March.

"He's going to be all hyped up. You know, hyper-caffeinated … It's interesting that 70% of the country likes the idea of drug testing — I like the idea. … They do it to horses in horse racing," Hannity continued, generously comparing the two politicians to a couple of thoroughbreds. "Why not do it to presidential candidates? I like the idea."

But Lara, whose father-in-law has been rumored for years to be a crushed Adderall connoisseur, stayed mum on the topic of drug testing. Instead, she quickly switched gears to gripe about how "the cards have always been stacked against Donald Trump." MAGA's pre-debate spinning at its finest. (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

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