These open-ear headphones are a safer choice — and just $115

TL;DR: Ditch those uncomfortable earbuds and add this SHOKZ AfterShokz OpenComm Bone Conduction Open-Ear Bluetooth Headset to your cart while on sale for $114.99.

Are you ready to change the way you listen to music, take calls, and stay connected? For anyone who has left their in-ear audio device at home because they become uncomfortable, this bone conduction open-ear Bluetooth headset is now available for just $114.99 (reg. $159). Add one right to your cart and pump up the jams!

This innovative headset combines interesting technology with all-day comfort, making it a terrific choice for anyone who values quality sound and safety. It uses bone conduction tech to deliver sound through your cheekbones and into your inner ears (whoa!), leaving your ears open to ambient sounds so you can stay aware of your surroundings—keeping you alert while crossing the street, on your evening jog, and more. 

You'll enjoy the convenience of wireless tech using Bluetooth 5.1 to listen to your audio. The adjustable noise-canceling microphone allows you to take and make calls while minimizing background noise.

It has a quick charge feature and a long-lasting battery that allows up to 16 hours of talk time. In addition, it has a 33-foot wireless range and water resistance, which is useful when the weather isn't cooperating or you work up a nice, healthy sweat at the gym.

If you're sick of the same old, uncomfortable headphone design, these bone-conduction ones — with 4.5/5 stars on Amazon — are worth a try.

Take advantage of this sale and go straight to checkout with the SHOKZ Bone Conduction Open-Ear Bluetooth Headset for just $114.99 (reg. $159).

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