Out now: My Favorite Thing is Monsters part two

If your favorite thing is My Favorite Thing is Monsters, then it's my pleasure to announce to you that Fantagraphics has just released the long-awaited followup. My favorite thing is telling people whose favorite thing is My Favorite Thing is Monsters that My Favorite Thing is Monsters is out now. Maybe it'll be another one of your favorite things?

Thank you for indulging me. Now on to the main attraction.

My Favorite Thing is Monsters is a spectacular achievement in comics. The medium's never looked so downright good. Emil Ferris is such a unique master of hatching, crosshatching, form, light and composition that her drawings emit this inimitable, supernatural glow. This love of linework is married to pages reminiscent of Charles Burns' or Daniel Clowes' most uneasy panels, a sweaty Dutch Angle executed perfectly by capable, meticulous hands. Ferris has a knack for incorporating the uncanny into page layouts that consistently push the medium's limits and evoke some collective misremembered past. All the heights of childhood are blown out of proportion and rendered in remarkable detail.

That's to say nothing of the story on the whole.

All this said, part two is out NOW! Go get a copy and binge it all in one long sitting, then read it again from the beginning.

If you haven't read My Favorite Thing is Monsters yet, go make a pitstop at Fantagraphics.com and order both volumes this instant.