Glass pens and glowing ink make for mesmerizing drawing videos

Spend an hour relaxing as Peter Deligdisch aka Peter Draws experiments with cool glass inkwell pens and glowing ink. Read the rest

Lovely rosewood gripped $9 fountain pen

For $9 this is a really nice pen.

I'm surprised at how nice this EastVita fountain pen is! I expected very little. The seems well made, hasn't leaked, and puts ink on the page when so applied!

Yes, the wood is real.

EastVita 8812 Fountain Pen Rose Wood Barrel Vintage Style via Amazon Read the rest

The $15 Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen

Expensive fountain pens are lovely, but I want to cry when I lose them. This $15 Metropolitan by Pilot does a nice job of bridging that gap.

The weight of its brass barrel gives the Metropolitan a feeling of gravitas. I am using the, impressively for a $15 pen, included converter to fill the pen with Noodler's Heart of Darkness, and the pen flows smoothly. The fine stainless steel nib a pleasure. Overall construction is exactly what I expect from a Pilot pen, it is quite pretty. You may also fill it with a standard Pilot cartridge.

As a first fountain pen, or just one you won't terribly mind losing, I highly recommend the Pilot Metropolitan.

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen via Amazon Read the rest

Smooth writing $15 Huashilai fountain pen

Fountain pens have always been my favorite. This Huashilai reminds me an awful lot of my Parker Duofold, and writes just as nice! Read the rest