Google pitches a surveillance-forward kids' smartwatch to parents

Google announced the Fitbit Ace LTE, a surveillance-forward ("Know where your wild things are") smartwatch featuring all the features youngsters love, such as having their location and habits constantly under observation by adult customers of the world's largest advertising company. It's about 45mm across and a little over 13mm thick, comes with 4G LTE and GPS/GNSS, allows calling and messaging up to 20 contacts, and has NFC so yer littluns can buy stuff too. 16 or more hours of battery life is promised on a charge and there's an array of sensors.

The focus, though, is on encouraging kids to move: "Fitbit Ace LTE's interval-based game system is designed to reward kids for daily physical activity. The more they move, the farther they get through the game, and the more fun they have."

The benefits of a smartphone. Without the smartphone. Stay connected with calling, text messaging, and location sharing.

Ace Bands level up their game. Every new Fitbit Ace LTE Band magically unlocks new Noodles and other cool stuff.

Active games, powered by Fitbit. The Fitbit Arcade is full of movement-based games for fun at every level.3 And there are no in-app purchases. The only way to move through the game is to get moving.

The Fitbit Ace LTE is $230 and requires a $10 monthly subscription.