It's cool dad summer, and this $30 clip-on fan can help make it happen!

When it's cold, you can always throw on another blanket. When you're hot, there are only so many things you can take off, especially in polite society. Whether your dad's working out in the yard or just walking the dog, he might be feeling the heat already. Fortunately, there's a clever way to keep him cool.

The 4-in-1 Clip-On Portable Waist Fan clips onto your clothes and blows a crisp stream of air up under your shirt. It's not going to bring back winter, but it's soothing, small, and $29.99. If your poor father's already sweating and could use this gift for Father's Day, skip to checkout now

A cooling gift for even cooler dads

Help your old man chill out with this wearable fan that clips onto his clothes. This little fan has a dual clip design that lets it attach to your dad's shirt, belt, or pants. It also comes with a strap to be worn around the neck. 

Once it's in place, Dad can choose from three adjustable wind speeds so he can properly cool off whether he's on a strenuous hike or playing golf. Fully charged, this clip-on fan can keep chugging along for up to 23 hours.

Battery life varies depending on the wind speed he chooses, but even the highest setting might give your dad enough time to finally clean up the garage. 

If you want to give Dad the most practical and cool gift (see what we did there?) this Father's Day, go directly to checkout to make this clip-on waist fan his!

It may be small, but this fan is sturdy. It's constructed with tough TPU and PC materials and is still lightweight. That means your dad could use it comfortably while exercising outdoors or working around the house. This nifty fan also comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and a charging cable. 

Plus, it kind of looks like a Walkman, and your old-school pop might dig that!

A fan your dad can wear

Give your old man a little fan from his biggest fan (you). 

Head to checkout immediately to gift Dad this 4-in-1 Clip-On Portable Waist Fan for just $29.99 this Father's Day. Order by June 5 at 11:59 PM Pacific to ensure on-time delivery.

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