Get the group together for this new take on charades, now just $19

TL;DR:Get the group together for a fun take on charades. Everyone but you knows the category when you play Heads Up! Phone Edition, a Steam Game you can grab for only $19 (reg. $39)!

A good party game is simple to learn, easy to play, and gives everyone a chance to get really silly. Sure, complex board games are fun, but the 90 minutes it takes to explain the rules kind of kills the vibe.

If you're looking for a game that you could explain even if you've already had a few adult beverages (extra dirty martini, anyone?), try Heads Up! Phones Down Edition.

This party game puts a category on the big screen behind a player, and it's up to the rest of the party to convey what the category is, whether it's through hints, references, interpretive dance, or whatever else you can think of. Throw this party game into your cart to get it for over half off!

Charades meets codenames

Who's up next? This twist on charades doesn't ask players to hold a phone to their forehead. They just need to turn their back to the big screen and try to figure out what word or phrase you've drawn from any of the 90+ decks included with your purchase. 

These decks cover a huge range of topics, everything from celebrities to entertainment, culture, sports, and more. You can also pull from all decks at the same time or build your own. Make a deck full of references and inside jokes unique to your friend group or family. Is Dad a legendary dancer? See him act it out and make this party game yours!

Hardware requirements are minimal to run Heads Up! It's only for PC users, but your computer only needs Windows 10 or later. You can also use an Xbox controller connected to your PC to play. 

Another bonus is that Heads Up! is a Steam Game. You might already have access to the gaming platform used to play it. If not, it's free to download and make an account. Then, simply enter the key you get here to download and install your game. 

A fun game for any get-together 

Get the group together for a game that's a bit like charades, but this time, everyone else knows the answer. 

You don't have to delay any longer. Get Heads Up! Phones Down Edition for just $19

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