Move over Puppy Bowl, here comes the Stanley Pup

Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl is one of my favorite things in the world and the best thing on TV on Superb Owl Sunday. Watching adorable rescue pups (kind of) play football while encouraging adoption is way more wholesome than watching people acquire CTE in real time.

The Kitten Bowl was equally adorable, especially when it had commentary by the amazing Mary Carillo. I was bummed when she didn't return to the show and even more so when the Hallmark Channel unceremoniously canceled it. Side note: for some reason, Kitten Bowl II is available on demand on Pluto TV, and that is what I will be doing for the next two hours.

Now, the NHL is getting in on rescue dog cuteness with the Stanley Pup

"At the NHL, we love supporting great causes and the opportunity to produce a program that finds homes for rescue dogs is so fulfilling," said Mayer. "The show promises to be great fun and we can't wait for our participating puppies Nathan McKibble, Joe Pawvelski, Alexander O-fetch-kin and many more hit our Stanley Pup rink."

"I'm so proud to launch this canine sporting spectacular with the NHL, and so grateful for their passion in supporting adoption. The show is sure to be the biggest night of the year for dog-loving hockey fans," said creator and producer Levitt. "The cuteness overload is going to be off the charts! I can't wait to show viewers how special rescue dogs are and how profoundly they enhance our lives when we welcome them into our families."

The canine talent in the game showcases the variety of dogs available for adoption around the country. "We are honored that the NHL will spotlight these all-star pups," said Petco Love President Susanne Kogut. "Everyone can be a champion in the life of a pet. When you adopt a pet from your local shelter, everyone wins!"

I can't believe it took them this long to come up with this. The promo photos show that the "ice" is simulated, which is understandable, but the comedic possibilities of puppies on ice cannot be overstated. Akbar Gbajabiamila of American Ninja Warrior will provide commentary, and I guarantee he will attack it with his trademark earnest enthusiasm. 

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