Older doggo tries her darndest to play with sleepy new puppy — then wonders why her human brought home such a dud (video)

A playful golden retriever tries every trick in the book to get her new Bernese mountain puppy to play with her. But no matter what she tries — licking the youngster's nose, straddling her while pushing a tennis ball into her neck, smothering her with a large pink plushie — the young sleepy pup says, "Nah."

Being a puppy, the newcomer just wants to sleep, while the golden retriever wonders why her human brought home such a dud of a toy.

"You get your hyperactive golden retriever a puppy and she thinks it's broken," jokes the doggo's human in a TikTok video (see below, posted by CopperandChevy.)

But as one commenter put it, "Just wait… chaos will soon run your house." If only someone could warn the golden retriever that as soon as the puppy's batteries kick in, she'll sometimes wish there was an off button.

Via Newsweek
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