Doggo terrified when he sees Kristi Noem on TV — jumps off cushion to hide behind couch (video)

Dog-slayer Kristi Noem might fool the MAGA mob, but she isn't fooling this smart golden retriever, who took one look at her on Fox News and immediately tip-toed off his cushion to cower behind the couch.

"Virtually every state has a law in place that says that animals that attack and kill livestock can be put down," said the governor of South Dakota, who shot and killed Cricket, her 14-month old wirehaired pointer, for being "untrainable."

Welp, that's all this doggo needed to hear. His look of sheer terror says it all. If only Noem's few remaining fans — and all of MAGA, for that matter — were half as smart as this pup. (See video below, posted by Republicans against Trump.)