Chipotle insists it hasn't shrunk its portions, defying Tik Tokers

Tik Tokers accused Chipotle of serving them larger portions when the cameras were out and posted video to support their claims. Chipotle says they're full of it.

Some of the fast-food sleuths also allege that when they filmed Chipotle workers fulfilling their orders, they received larger portions. Chipotle called the claims false, and said it never instructed workers to serve bigger portions to customers with cameras or phones. 

"Our intentions are to provide a great experience every time, and our meals have always been completely customizable so guests can vocalize or digitally select their desired portions when choosing from the list of real ingredients," Chipotle chief corporate affairs and food safety officer Laurie Schalow said in a statement to CBS MoneyWatch. "There have been no changes in our portion sizes, and we have reinforced proper portioning with our employees. If we did not deliver on our value, we want our guests to reach out so we can make it right."

Let me guess: a workplace where the staff get no support from managers, so they end up being bullied by customers because that's the only way to avoid trouble. Influencers playing "Simon Says" with their little context-collapsing boxes can make it look however they want.

As summarized by a reddit user:

I used to work there. When you're being watched on portion size like that, it's a constant game of just trying to avoid being yelled at. If manager has sight, it's smaller than accurate to avoid the potential of being yelled at. If the customer has that scary, stern face when you scoop that chicken, you do a quick look around then sneak a small amount more to avoid potential of being yelled at. It's rough.