A physicist dismantles Terrence Howard's nonsensical "theory of everything"

Terrence Howard recently appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast. He explained that he invented virtual and augmented reality, remembers being in his mother's womb, and has some very interesting ideas about math and physics. At the core of his "theory of everything" is that 1 X 1 = 2. 

Sabine Hossenfelder, a theoretical physicist and science educator, wanted to analyze his theory and chose to forgo listening to the podcast in favor of reading the e-book Howard has on his site. I followed her lead on this, and let me tell you, it is… something. 

This is a representative sample of the text:

We have put an enormous amount of faith into illogical methods and irrational practices of a flat lined philosophy. This is a line of false reasoning that is as dead today as the uninformed individuals who once believed and propagated the foolish notion that the world was flat.

I think the time has come for us to see the World as it truly is, a Multi-Dimensional, Electrically Charging, Magneti- cally Discharging, AllShaped, Living and Breathing Being.

I think it is time that the fields of science and mathematics reflect this reality. In lieu of my views towards All Things in existence and the Life force that saturates All Things in existence, I have chosen to capitalize particular words that are fundamental to Nature as a whole because these forces play a much more important role in Life than any VIP as a single person, place or thing, that has ever been venerated by Man.

He also calls the identity property the Jim Crow Laws of mathematics because of… reasons.

Dr. Hossenfelder does an admirable job of taking the book just seriously enough to tear it apart. 

Some have suggested to Hossenfelder that Howard has a mental illness or is using too many (or not enough) drugs, but she blames a lack of basic education as well as on Joe Rogan. "I blame Joe Rogan. Because Rogan isn't stupid. He believes that his audience is stupid." Preach it, sister.