Amphibia is a cologne for man, woman and frog

Calvin Klein's CK One was the first scent to be openly marketed as unisex, but in 1995, Bloomingdale's was the exclusive purveyor of Amphibia, an eau de toilette pour homme, femme et frog. It's fantastic. I was not at all prepared for Kermit's six-pack abs and the tiny towel makes me vaguely uncomfortable. The fake diacritical marks are perfection.

The New York Times wrote:

Who wants to smell like a frog? Thousands, apparently. Amphibia was a top-selling fragrance over the holidays at Bloomingdale's Manhattan store, where its backers are testing the waters. It will remain there through next week. "Kids are buying it, grown-ups are buying it, and frogs are really hot," said Max Al-menas, a pitchman armed with bottles of the $18.50 scent ($32.50 in a gift box with a Kermit T-shirt) just inside the store. "I wish I  had a dollar for every frog story I've heard."

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History has a bottle in its collection, complete with the original box and t-shirt, although it is sadly not currently on display.

Had I known about this product at the time, I would definitely have bought some.