Body language expert says Trump has "lower confidence" and "anxiety"since becoming a felon — his ankles give it away (video)

Two days after Donald Trump became a convicted felon, a body language expert took one look at him and said the former one-term president was suffering with "emotional discomfort and lower confidence."

Dr. Jack Brown, an ophthalmologist who claims he's an expert in reading a person's nonverbal cues — or body language — wrote an 18-part post on X describing Trump's body language during a Fox and Friends interview he did on June 2nd. And Brown's biggest clue that Trump was sagging in the the confidence department was his crossed ankles.

"Regardless of the person being interviewed, with rare exception, this ankle crossing/lower leg crossing is not a wise leg-foot posture to adopt during an interview," Brown explained in one of his posts. "Why? Because it both engenders – as well as a sign of – emotional discomfort and lower confidence."

"For Trump this nonverbal display is extremely rare," Brown continued, saying he's closely watched Trump's behavior for nine years and he's only crossed his ankles one other time. "Due to Trump's extreme propensity for keeping both his feet flat on the floor, this change in his behavior is extremely significant."

But it wasn't just the MAGA leader's silent body language that told Brown that Trump was in a slump — it was also something Trump said when asked what he looks for in a vice president. "Trump's verbal answer, 'if something should happen to the president' – is conspicuous and telling. While he may very well have stated qualities he feels are desirable in a vice president before, he's never implied his own mortality in this context," Brown said.

Brown then pointed out how Trump's feet "squirm" when talking about his own mortality — yet another sign of "anxiety," as Brown put it.

Finally, Brown pointed out some of Trump's other body postures — slouching his shoulders, "turtling" his neck, closing his eyes, hiding one hand with another — that gives away his "extremely low confidence and emotional discomfort" for the world to see.

(See some of these posts below, or go to Brown's X account at DrJackBrown to see them all.)

Via Independent