Bizarre "Foreign Accent" flights with crews doing international cosplay

In 1968, TWA came up with a strange gimmick aboard some of its domestic US flights. The so-called Foreign Accent flights were meant to deliver a simulacra of global flavor through flight attendants dressed up in disposable paper uniforms themed around certain international destinations.

As this vintage newspaper ad found by Weird Universe explains, "They come in four styles with hostesses to match: Italian (see toga). French (see gold mini). Olde English (see wench). And Manhattan Penthouse (see hostess pajamas—after all, hostesses should like hostesses, right?"

The ambience and amenities were also meant to reflect the international "destination" with foreign magazines, newspapers, music, and cuisine.

"Some senior hostesses were reluctant to wear the dresses…" reports the TWA Museum Guides Blog. "Despite a large financial outlay for logistics and advertising, the program died quietly, never making it past 1968."

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