Watch a tranquilized bear in a tree flop into a tarp

In this footage you may watch a tranquized black bear, stuck up a tree, flop into a tarp held up by several emergency workers. The bear-in-tree situation unfolded Tuesday in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

The bruin showed up around lunchtime in a residential area of Camp Hill, outside the capital of Harrisburg. Students and staff of a nearby high school were notified to stay indoors, and a stretch of road was closed, reported. Fire and rescue officials used a ladder truck to get close to and tranquilize the bear. The sedated animal fell about 20 feet (6 meters) into a large blue tarp held up by several wildlife officials, police and firefighters. The animal was tranquilized again, then moved to a bear trap that had been placed on a trailer, the news outlet reported.

The young bear will be taken to a new life somewhere in wilds of central Pennsylvania, according to the Associated Press.