"Not illegal": Charges dropped against drunk elementary teacher

In Yuba City, California last year, someone called police to report that a woman had driven drunk to her job at Nuestro Elementary School and was teaching her second grade students while intoxicated. Police reported that the woman, age 57, had a blood alcohol level of .20% and she was arrested for driving under the influence and child endangerment.

Now though, Sutter County prosecutors have announced that they couldn't determine whether she actually drove drunk or got hammered after she arrived at school. The child endangerment charge didn't hold water either, they said. "There was no specific information indicating that the children in (the teacher's) class were placed in a position where their persons or health were endangered," stated Sutter County District Attorney Jennifer Dupre in an email to the Sacramento Bee.

"The mere potential that a situation could arise is insufficient to meet the requirements under the law," she stated "While the District Attorney's Office agrees that it is highly inappropriate to teach while intoxicated, it is, unfortunately, not illegal."

No word on whether the teacher lost her job with the district but the principal reportedly emailed parents that a substitute had taken over the class.

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