Convicted PharmaBro Martin Shkreli sued for allegedly copying rare Wu-Tang album

Martin Shkreli, infamously known as "PharmaBro," was convicted of securities fraud and one count of conspiracy back in 2017 for his involvement in some casual pharmaceutical price fixing, and swiftly established a reputation for his trollish douchebaggery.

At one point, Shkreli used his ill-gotten gains to purchase an incredibly rare Wu-Tang Clan album, of which only one single copy exists in the world. Unfortunately, Shkreli was forced to sell the album in order to help cover the $7.4 million forfeiture debt he accrued in the line of various financial crimes. A "digital art collective" called PleasrDao purchased the album in 2021 for a reported $4 million dollars (about twice what Shkreli paid).

But now, PleasrDao has sued Shkreli for violating the terms of their agreement by making a copy of the fabled Wu-Tang record. From Rolling Stone:

According to the lawsuit, Shkreli violated the terms of both the original purchase agreement and the forfeiture order by allegedly making and retaining a digital copy of the album, playing it during his live streams, and sending it to others. 


Then, earlier this year, Shkreli appeared to troll Pleasr directly. After the collective posted a photo of the album on Twitter, Shkreli allegedly posted numerous replies like: "LOL I have the mp3s you moron"; "I literally play it in my discord all the time"; "this thread is about someone listening to a CD >5000 people have…"; and "yeah I have the music, sold the plastic." In response to some folks in the same thread expressing a desire to hear the album, Shkrelli allegedly said, "i can just upload the mp3s if you want? email addy?"

Haters gonna hate; trolls gonna troll. Like the scorpion to the frog, it's in their nature.

Martin Shkreli Accused of Copying and Sharing One-Of-a-Kind Wu-Tang Album in New Lawsuit [Jon Blistein / Rolling Stone]