Hands in! Humans join hands to see if their dogs join in

Most TikTok "challenges" are ridiculous at best and dangerous at worst. One exception is the hands-in challenge, in which two humans put their hands together to see if their dogs join in. It's wonderful, of course, because dogs are great, and even when they fail, they are just happy to be part of whatever it is you are doing.

This deaf dog tried his best.

This corgi is having none of it.


Hands in challenge fail. My dog is a hater and cant stand to see us touching 😂 #corgisoftiktok #dogtrend #handsin #dog #fyp

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The Halls Gap Zoo in Australia decided to try it out with some of its residents. The results were predictably adorable. The meerkats and otters have clearly been training for this their entire lives.

For the record, except for the dingo, the zoo animals all performed better than my dogs on this challenge. Also the first animal is a spotted tail quoll, the largest carnivorous marsupial.

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