Tesla Cybertruck Police Vehicle revealed

UP.FIT outfits Tesla sedans and SUVs for police, military, and private security use. Their slogan is, um, "American engineered, for American Hero's" [sic]. Now, they're offering to upgrade the Cybertruck as a patrol vehicle. Like the base model Cybertruck, which looked hopelessly dated before it rolled off the assembly line, this custom build has the appeal of a 1980s Robocop knock-off.

"It features the expected suite of warning lights, sirens, PA system, as well as upgraded radio and computer systems thanks to specialized wiring systems and proprietary integrations," the company states. "UP.FIT Cybertruck can be customized for tactical, military or search and rescue missions with available prisoner partitions, storage for weapons and specialty tools, K9 enclosures, upgraded vehicle dynamics with specialized UP.FIT Forged wheel and tire packages, braking systems, and optional upgrades for extreme off-road usage, as well as Starlink internet connectivity."

Ah, Cybertruck—the Humvee of the new millennium.

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