Watch Daniel Labelle sprint while wearing snowboarding boots, ice skates, high heels, trash cans, flippers, rubber chickens, and more!

We've featured Wisconsin-based comedian Daniel Labelle here at Boing Boing before, demonstrating what it looks like to run in various ways (after a rejected kiss, for example). I had to come share some of his other work that has just blown my mind. Check out these videos of Daniel sprinting in different types of footwear—some of which aren't shoes at all.

Here's Part One, where he runs in ski boots, flippers, Goofy (the cartoon character) slippers, normal shoes, size 20 shoes, flip flops, clown shoes, high heels, pom poms, Kleenex boxes, and rubber chickens.

And here's Part Two, where he sprints in snowboarding boots, 6.5-inch high heels, Japanese clogs, his two-year-old's shoes, ballet shoes, boxing shoes, boxing gloves, ice skates, roller skates, skis, trash cans, tennis rackets, chairs, books, extension cords, and Heelys. 

Shockingly, the only time he falls (at least on camera) is when he's wearing the Heelys. I can't stop watching his sprinting videos–he's posted several more on his TikTok—and wow, I just can't get over how incredibly fit, agile, and skilled he is! I'm in awe.

On his YouTube channel, Labelle provides this bio:

I specialize in creating short physical comedy videos with the hope of uplifting you and giving you smiles! I love the art of non-verbal communication. It's incredible how much can be said without speaking a word. Some of the great comedians who have inspired me are Rowan Atkinson, Curly Howard (from The Three Stooges), Lou Costello, and Jim Carrey. 

To see more of Labelle's wild and wildly impressive work, visit his website or check out his TikTok or YouTube.


Sprinting in different types of footwear.

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