Camel has zoomies in the snow

Albert is a camel who was rescued from a camel dairy farm, which is apparently a thing that exists. He now lives on a farm with some goat friends. He was very excited to get up one morning to find the ground covered in snow. Camel zoomies are the cutest, most awkward thing. 

The goats on the farm were initially terrified of Albert, which is understandable. I'm sure he looked like some sort of gigantic mutant to them. Albert loved them, however, and his persistent friendship paid off, as they are all pals now. Camels are not known for their climbing, but because Albert now thinks he is a goat, he has learned to climb on his knees to stay with his friends wherever they go.  

My experience with camels is that they are not super nice to people – not that I blame them – so I am happy to see they can make friends with goats. 

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