Silly pet camel has fun in kitchen as California owner pleads with him to get out (video)

What happens "when you have a camel, and you forget to lock the kitchen door again"?

The owners of the Rancho Grande animal sanctuary in Ojai, California have the answer, thanks to their curious pet camel, Albert. And they posted it via hilarious video (see below) showing their very large pet ignoring the ceramics he managed to break as he clomps around where he shouldn't be.

"Get him out with an apple!" one of the owners says as he rushes into the kitchen with his camera. "Don't let him eat my soup!"

And as the kitchen door opens, we see just the hind legs of an extremely tall camel standing near shards of shattered pottery while the rest of his body is tucked into the pantry. "Albert! Come on, Sweetheart. Out of the kitchen!"

Albert then bashes into a silver trashcan as he squeezes out of the pantry and ambles across the kitchen, mugging for the camera.

"Albert, none of that," says one of the men as the camel noses into something on a counter. "Al– please sweetheart! … Come on, listen to your Daddy. Come on."

Albert finally makes his way out — taking his own sweet time — and gets offered an apple for being a "good boy," along with a desperate appeal: "I love you, but you've got to stop doing that. Please. Please."

Via ParadePets
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