Automate the job-hunting process with this AI-powered tool that applies to jobs for you

TL;DR: Job-hunting and manually applying to jobs are no easy feat. Luckily, you can streamline the process with LazyApply, an AI-powered tool that applies to 150 roles per day for less than $60 until June 17!

Whether you're a post-grad looking for your first job or someone who's just looking for a major career (or pay!) upgrade, you likely know how difficult it is to secure your dream job, let alone any decent role. Job-hunting is time-consuming and tedious, but LazyApply can streamline your experience.

This tool acts as a Chrome plug-in for your laptop or desktop to apply to jobs for you — up to 150 a day. Save time from manual job applications and put that time into learning a new skill or two, since lifetime access to LazyApply's Basic plan is now on sale for $59.97 (reg. $149) until June 17!

How does LazyApply apply to jobs? Here's how: Its AI, JobGPT, automatically fills them out by using the info you provide. Once it saves it, it'll insert it into all your saved roles on Linkedin, Indeed, etc., saving you time and effort.

Speaking of Linkedin, this platform provides you with unlimited profile emails, allowing you to network with prospective companies, recruiters, and other connections without pause.

You know those pesky tools that companies use to filter out bad candidates or robots? LazyApply gets around those by using advanced algorithms, guaranteeing your candidate profile doesn't get blocked. You could apply to over a thousand jobs every week once you let LazyApply automate your job applications.

LazyApply's day-to-day analytics can keep track of your job application movement and how you're doing in the big, bad world (the world of job-hunting, unfortunately!) so that you know where your strengths are.

If you aren't seeing positive leads, you'll have one weekly consultation call to see how you're doing and where you can improve both your searching and CV behaviors. You can even get help with creating a truly remarkable CV to stand out from other candidates.

Don't just take our word for it — LazyApply earned a 4 out of 5-star rating from users. One verified user wrote: "This is a great product that saved me a ton of time, and it landed me an interview for the job I really wanted."

Land your dream job with help from a lifetime license to LazyApply Basic, now just $59.97 through June 17 at 11:59 PM Pacific! 

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