MicroJournal: a distraction-free writing device with knobs

Behold Un Kyu Lee's MicroJournal, a distraction-free, instant-on writing device with knobs, a little text display, and a gorgeously unsleek form. He sells them as a kit for just $170, too: off you go! And coins a term I think I'd like to hear more of: "Writerdeck." [h/t Jeremy Irwin]

A playwright from New York once asked for a writing device he could carry around, use in cafés, and proudly show off. He wanted something compact, practical, and distraction-free—something stylish. In a pursuit of providing alternatives for alphasmart, freewrite, with stylish approach

Introducing the Micro Journal: a blend of modern practicality and stylish minimalism. This compact, sleek device features a distinctive design with a bold colored border contrasting against white keys. It's a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard, allowing for hyper-personalization. Easy to carry with its leather straps, it's perfect for writers on the go.

Micro Journal seamlessly combines functionality with personality, making it ideal for capturing spontaneous ideas and drafting stories wherever inspiration strikes, be it a café, park, or during travels. Its chic, contemporary look makes it a fashionable and practical tool for any writer.

The MicroJournal's github page doubles as a fascinating development diary, complete with previous designs.

The adorable display bezel and knobs draw the eye, but don't sleep on that commandingly tiny mechanical keyboard (c.f. The Cormac, below, my specification for a keyboard capable only of writing Cormac McCarthy novels)