Student busted using complicated hidden AI system to cheat on university entrance exam

Earlier this month, high school graduates in Turkey started their Higher Education Institutions Examinations to qualify for further studies at the university level. One fellow, in the city of Isparta, apparently spent more time assembling an AI-powered system to cheat on the exam than studying for it.

According to Oddity Central, he "was reportedly caught cheating using an ingenious system involving an internet connection, a concealed camera, and an AI-powered software that could read the questions on the test and provide answers in real-time."

He hollowed out a sneaker sole to smuggle a mobile device into the testing center. A camera hidden in a shirt button scanned the exam questions and the AI provided audible answers through a tiny Bluetooth earpiece.

After test supervisors observed him acting "suspiciously," they called police who arrested him. It's unclear what punishment he faces but apparently he's banned from attempting the test again for two years.

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